Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Warps

The rug warp that I was winding on my warping reel is only half finished.  The tan yarn I showed in my last post is also about half wound.  I hoped to get them both done yesterday, but a disaster with my orange kitty, Hobbs, kept me busy for part of the day.  Either he dumped used motor oil on himself or someone dumped it on him, but anyway, his back from his head to the tip of his tail was completely covered with dirty black oil, right down to the skin on his back half.  He was pretty sick yesterday, so after giving him a bath over and over again with Dawn dish soap to try and cut the grease, I still had to check on him quite often.  He is feeling better today, eating, drinking, peeing, so that is good.  I had to coat him with Fast Orange to try and get the remainder of the oil off of him today, so he wasn't very happy with me.  He's sitting on my lap now, though, so all is forgiven.  Hopefully I can get the two warps finished tomorrow after I get home from work.

I can hardly believe that the daffodil blooms are already starting to fade.  It just seems so early.  The first tulips bloomed today.  Yea, the deer didn't get them!  I need to get out with my camera again.

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  1. Thank you, Jenny, for commenting on my blog. Glad Hobbs is doing ok and you can finish the warps and enjoy weaving!