Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Huck Lattice Towel Finished

I finished the first towel off the linen warp. 

I wouldn't recommend using the treadling for the lattice towels unless the yarn was quite fine because of the long floats on the reverse side.  The lattice variation had floats over seven threads.  I wish I had put the pattern into Fiberworks ahead of time so I could check the other side.  I did do that for the other variations and think variation #1 and #3 will be OK.  The longest floats in those two designs are 5 threads.

I do very little hand sewing to finish items that I make, this towel included.  I know many weavers are horrified that I would machine sew something that I took so much time to weave.  I don't agree, since it also takes a great deal of skill to do a nice finishing job with the machine. 

I love  how the ladder hem-stitching turned out on this towel.  The hemstitching was obviously done by hand, but the hems were sewn with the sewing machine.  I'm sure that if someone got right down to the hem and really looked, they would be able to tell that a machine was used, but I like sturdy, and something that will hold up in the wash and through many years of use. Clicking on the photo will enlarge it.


  1. Oh Jenny, they are beautiful! I haven't started mine yet and you were right; no thick yarns for this pattern. Beautiful.

  2. You have invested a lot of work in those and they are spectacular.