Friday, November 21, 2014

A Years Old Project Finally Finished

Several years ago, probably about seven, I decided I wanted to learn how to knit socks.  There were so many pretty sock yarns to choose from, so I picked out this pretty Panda Wool bamboo blend yarn, not realizing it wasn't the best choice for an inexperienced knitter.

Between my daughter Becky and my friend Kristy, they got me started on the new experience of knitting with double pointed needles in a small size.

I was able to knit the cuffs once I had some instruction, since it is just getting used to knitting around in a circle times two (socks).

Then came the heel.  I am a slow knitter, so I wouldn't get very far at any one time.  Heels involve things like increasing and decreasing and I for the life of me could not remember how to do it the next time I picked up my knitting.  They I would have to wait until an experienced knitter was around to show me, AGAIN!

I finally finished the heels and was able to do some easy knitting again for the body of the foot.  I would do a little on one sock and then repeat it on the other sock, so they would both stay at the same stage of progress.

My friend moved away so by the time I got the socks long enough, I needed instructions again for decreasing the toes.  My daughter doesn't think she is a good teacher, even though she is, but I hated asking over and over again for the same instructions so I stashed them away for several years. 

I recently decided if I was going to be active with our local spinning fiber group, I should at least finish this knitting project.  I took the socks to the meeting at the beginning of this week and got the help I needed (from my daughter) to finish the decreasing on the toes.  I wrote down the steps, brought them home and finished that step.

All I had left to do was the Kitchner stitch to close up the toes.  I found a few You-tube videos today online, watched them and completed my first pair of socks!  Hooray for me!
The cuffs could have been a little taller, but I am pleased with them, and they are nice and comfy.