Monday, April 5, 2010

Linen Class Samples Complete

I had my linen samples from Kati Meek's class done last week, but still needed to get them labeled before sending them out.  I finished that last night, so hopefully I will get a chance to mail them this week.

We were each assigned a pattern for the class.  I was given the one at right.  Kati had a large sample of it, done in a very fine linen, which was appropriate for this pattern, since the floats are over several threads.

As I mentioned before, I wasn't happy with the loose look to my original samples sett at 28 epi, so I followed Kati's advise and resleyed the reed to 32 epi.  It made quite a bit of difference in the finished cloth. 

This is how the samples sett at 28 epi looked after wet finishing.

This is a sample sett at 32 epi after wet finishing.  I couldn't decide which side should be right or wrong. 

Here are a couple photos of my longer sample that I'm holding so the light will reflect on the floats.  It really makes the pattern show nicely.
Now all of my looms are empty, and I still haven't decided what to make next.  My daughter Becky is going to come over on Wednesday, and I'm going to help her warp my small loom so she can make some leg bands (costuming for Viking men) for a group she belongs to.  They won't be very wide, so the tiny loom will be just right for her to use, and with the live weight tensioning, it will be even easier for weaving.


  1. Beautiful samples! Isn't it amazing how even a small change in sett relates to the finished fabric.
    Have fun planning and getting new warps on the looms.

  2. I have your samples and they are wonderful. Such an elegant weave structure! Thanks Jen, we will all love them :o)