Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to Weaving Preparation

For lack of any weaving projects on my looms, and still no decision on what to put on them, I spent yesterday afternoon outside salvaging a linen warp.  I know my production weaving friends would think I am crazy, but I'm not in any hurry to get anything done right now.

I picked this warp up at an estate sale, not realizing that it was cut off a loom without preserving a cross.  It was just a bundle of threads about 20 yards long.  Such a waste!  Most of the ends were a nice, smooth yarn, but there was some tow linen mixed in (I can't figure that out), so I stretched the whole warp out on the grass (yes, the grass is turning green) and started winding it on my winder.  It was just nice to get outside.  I worked on it till the sun started going down behind the garage. By then, my hands were getting pretty cold.

Today, I decided to write down all my ideas for weaving projects.  The list-maker side of me helps when I can't seem to focus, or make decisions.  By putting all my options down on a big whiteboard, I was able to prioritize my list.

Once that was accomplished, I got my yarn out that I want to work with for the first two projects.  The yarn for my second project, the two tan cones of 8/2 cotton, is another yarn I picked up at the estate sale.  I need to wind some skeins from it because I am going to overdye it, once I do my project calculations.

I got to work winding a warp for my first project.  I think that out of all the different parts of the weaving process, this is my least favorite part.  I'm usually able to come up with something else I'd rather do, such as taking pictures, or working on this blog.  I did get about a third of it wound.

While it was still sunny, I took advantage of the beautiful day and photographed the flowers in my yard, and my kitties, Hobbs and Susie.  You can tell Hobbs was looking right at the sun, since the slits in his eyes barely show.  Susie took advantage of the sunshine to take a nice dirt bath, and then she was skulking around in the background of the flowers.

 Well, it is almost getting too late to do more work on the warp.  Guess I planned that just right!  Mañana!


  1. It looks like you had a nice day. Sun, linnen, actually doing something and your kittens playing. Hmmmmmm.
    About the linner warp, does it mean you have a lot of threads 20 yards long? And what are you going to do with it? I'm really curious.

  2. Marion, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the 20 yard linen lengths. I originally thought that since each piece was so long that I could use it as weft, with a join every 20 yards. I probably should have just threaded the loom front to back, but I already have another warp that is shorter that I can do that with. I will probably make some kind of towels with it or placemats.