Friday, February 19, 2010

Stand for My Table Loom

It is so nice to have a husband that is handy.  I have been wanting stands for my two table looms for quite some time.  Last weekend, Bob and I went to a local hardwood place and purchased enough maple to make both stands.  He has been working on the first one off and on this week, and finally progressed as far as attaching the loom to the stand.  The legs angling off the back of the loom are  ones someone else added to the loom.  It was fine for getting the loom off a table, but it was still hand operated to raise the harnesses.

Bob gets the night off tonight to go visit a friend, but hopefully he can start the treadles tomorrow after he gets out of work.  This is the test project, since we are just going from a picture with no measurements.  If this one works well, he will make another one for the wider loom.  If adjustments need to be made, at least he won't have to change both loom stands.

It will be so nice to have a handy loom to take to workshops, or to weave narrow projects such as scarves.  I hate tying up my bigger looms for those kinds of projects, but hate weaving on a hand operated table loom.  It's way too slow.

I signed up to take a linen class, taught by Kati Meek, early in March.  I may be asking for too much to have both loom stands done by March 9th, but am hoping they are. Then I can decide whether to take the 15" or the 22" loom.

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