Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sample for chenille scarf

The loom stand is finished enough for testing.  I wound a warp for a rayon chenille scarf and wove about 8-10 inches with white, blue and black weft.

The sample on the right of the serger stitching is not washed and is quite stiff.

The sample on the left of the serger stitching has been washed and dried in the dryer.  It is nice and soft.  I'm having a hard time deciding whether to use the black weft or the medium blue(above the little tail of white yarn).

I'm leaning toward the medium blue because I like how the blue varigated stripe looks.


  1. I can't help because I'm always a fan of the drama that a black weft brings. It's lookin' good.

  2. Sharon is right, black gives it a little drama but I like the blue colour because the warp is more..... (I don't know the right english word) ..more pronounced?
    So I am of no help either.

  3. I always lean in a blue direction, so I'm no help at all!