Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finished With Multi-colored Warp--Finally!

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The multi-colored warp has been on one of my looms for a couple months now, but it has been so cold up here in Michigan, that I haven't done much weaving during the week, since it takes so long for the studio to get warm.  I did get out there last night after Bob and Carolyn and I played a half game of Mexican Train.

This is the final bit of weaving.  It could be a sample, but I prefer that it be usable, so I'll probably hem it and use it for a dishrag.

Here is the tail end, with all my knots that I tied on to the previous warp.  I really did like this warp, but was getting a bit tired of it.

I finished up the last little bit of weaving and then had to start the finishing.  Once I unrolled everything from the loom, I had 5 1/2 towels.

I cut them apart and serged the ends and took them in the house to do the wet finishing.

Here they all are, soaking in hot soapy water.

 I hate it when yarn that I buy really bleeds color.  The one in the red bowl bled so much turquoise out, that I would be afraid to give it to anyone.  The one in front of the bowl bled so much brown, I didn't think it would ever quit.

I would be interested in hearing if there is a solution to the bleeding problem.  I thought about soaking them in soda ash and treating them like they were going to be dyed, but then thought that all the other colors would also absorb the turquoise or brown.  All the colors that I dyed were fine and only had a faint residue bleed out into the water. 

I stayed up way too long last night, trying to finish.  I got as far as pressing them and the hems and then went to bed.

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  1. Our family loves Mexican Train - we play it when we get together. I have great memories of that game. When I cut the baby blankets off the warp, I had thought I'd like to tie onto it again. Alas, I didn't set the brake and the whole thing rolled back onto the floor. Lesson learned. Yet another lesson learned - sigh.