Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Towels Are Finished

I just finished hemming the towels and getting final pictures of  them. 

This is woven with five colors of orange, with yellow for the hems.



This towel was woven with a thick/thin dark brown that I purchased.  It bled a lot when wet finishing it, so the colored yarns absorbed some of it.  It turned out quite muted in color.
   The towels woven with the white weft yarn showed off the warp colors.                                                                    
This photo is showing two towels, with opposite sides as the front of the towels.  Clicking on the photo will enlarge it, so the differences between the two sides can be seen.

This towel was one of the last to be woven.  I was still trying to use some of my dyed yarns. I chose three greens (light, medium, and dark)  and separated them with turquoise.  I used the Fibonachi sequence to determine how far to weave.  I used 2 and 3 repeats for the turquoise, and either 5, 8 or 13 repeats for the greens.  It's one of my favorites, but then, I always have liked plaid.
This towel was woven with another yarn that I purchased.  It was a bumpy turquoise, and bled so much, I could have dyed another large skein of yarn with the rinse water. 
This final bit was woven with yellow.  It's large enough to use for a dishrag, so my kitchen will adopt it.

My sister-in-law is the happy recipient of one of the earlier towels.  She is the person I have to thank for letting me learn to weave about 5 years ago.  She lent me a 4 shaft countermarche loom that she picked up at a garage sale for $50.  She couldn't pass up the bargain, but had never used it because she doesn't have any room for it in the house.  I still use it on occasion, and have started  teaching the granddaughters on it.  Thanks Mary!

It's nice to have a project finished.  Now time for bed.


  1. Thanks for posting your blog on FB. Neither Bloglines or Blogger updated you . I had no idea you had posted. I love the towels - so fun to see the variations.

  2. Love the towels, I have just finished warping my loom with my second warp for towels. I believe I am addicted. And yours are so colourfull, I love them.