Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weaver's Delight Experiment is Done

The experiment with weaving cloth on my Weaver's Delight automated rug weaving loom is done and I am pleased with the results.  The warp of slightly more than five yards yielded five towels and a small sample.

I learned that I can weave with yarn using the big wooden shuttle and pirns.  For simple twill or plain weave, this loom works well.  I do need to work on an even beat though.  The beater is so heavy, I found it was very easy to overbeat.

Since my dad helped me get the old wooden shuttle repaired, he was the recipient of the first Michigan Tartan from this warp (top left).  My mom always said she doesn't care for plaid, so I gave her the striped one (top middle).  She clarified that today by saying she doesn't like to WEAR plaid.  They are both on display in their kitchen.  Thanks Dad for all your help!
The official Michigan Tartan was designed by Kati Reeder Meek from Alpena.  Information about the tartan can be found here:

After finishing this project, I am anxious to find another tartan to try, although I may do a quick run with tartan stripes like my first towel and weave each towel with just one of the tartan colors.  I'm ready for some one-shuttle weaving!


  1. Maybe you should try this plaid next.

    1. There's a Hobbs tartan?! Yeah, Mom! Do that!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is SO awesome. I am still in the process of restoring my Weaver's Delight but I am excited to know this is the type of cloth I could weave with it once it's up and running!! My intention was to do Saori style weaving with my loom, but I would love to do tartan cloth and rag rugs eventually too! :)