Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Replacing the Paper on Weaving Reeds

I came across a reed today that I had replaced the paper coverings on the edges with masking tape.  I knew when I did the repair that it probably wouldn't last long, since masking tape tends to get brittle pretty quickly.

The tape was not sticking, so I decided to try gluing it back down with Tacky Glue.  It sort of worked, but not entirely to my satisfaction because it rippled a bit and I had to keep pushing on it to make it stay. 

I started looking for something else that was thin to try instead and decided to try parchment paper, the type used for covering baking sheets.  It is found in the grocery near the wax paper and foil.

I cut a small test piece, enough to wrap around from front to back, put some glue on the paper, folded it together to smear the glue around and then wrapped it around the edge of the reed.  It stuck with no trouble, created a few wrinkles which I was able to remove and then I left it to dry.

I checked it a few minutes ago and it is firmly glued to the reed edge with no indication that it is going to peel off the reed. 

This is definitely the way to go to replace old flaking paper covers. It is inexpensive, thin, easy to cut with a rotary cutter and ruler, will actually stick, and looks like the repair should last for a long time. 

An added bonus is the remainder of the parchment paper can be used in the kitchen.  I love using it because I dislike trying to get baked-on grease off my cookie sheets.  I never have to do that when I use the paper.


  1. Using that which is already on hand to suit a different purpose than that for which it was intended is the true way of working within our realm. Thank you for sharing your process; I learn so much from blogs like yours and I am grateful.

  2. Danke für den Tipp, ich verwende auch ganz normales Pergamentpapier ungefettet statt Kunststoff, Plastik, zum Einwickeln von Lebensmitteln, viel schöner so. Liebe Grüße Wiebke

  3. Great innovation - but does that paper really need to be replaced? What is its purpose? Ann

  4. I occasionally see your blog and want to subscribe but what do I do? Like the parchment paper idea. What kind of glue did you use?

  5. To follow the blog, scroll down to the bottom and click the button "Join this site".

    The glue is Aleen's Tacky Glue, shown in the first photo. It is a thick white glue and dries fairly quickly.

  6. Circle Square, I believe the paper is to protect your hands from nasty scratches from the cut ends that are covered with the paper. They are quite sharp. It also protects your loom from scratches, and protects the glued wrapped cord used to separate each reed to provide even spacing, and it keeps it from abrading in the beater. The newer reeds have plastic edges instead of paper covering the wraps.

  7. Thank you, Jenny. The paper has come off my old reed. I was not planning to replace it but now I see the need for it. I have parchment paper and Tacky glue, so I will do that! :)

  8. I had my husband look this up for me as all my favorite reeds have lost much of their paper. I was threading a reed today off loom; my right hand is scratched a bit and my shirt has pull marks on it from where I rubbed against the sharp edges!
    Thanks for the help! I will be using the parchment and glue! Woot to the Weave!

    1. I never thought about damage to clothing. Another good reason to cover those very sharp metal pieces!