Saturday, April 25, 2020

Making a Pandemic Mask

 Start with an eleven inch circle. This is enough to make two masks with a different color for lining, or one mask all the same color.
As an alternative, make a quarter circle pattern and place a straight edge on the fold or selvedge of doubled fabric. Cut  the one on the fold into two pieces. Cut to quarter circles for the outer fabric and two quarter circles for the lining, four pieces all together.

Cut two more pieces of filter fabric if desired.

Place the mask pieces right sides together. Add the filter pieces to either side of one pair.
Stitch both pairs together on the curved edge.
Finger press the seam to one side of both pieces. Place them right sides together with the seams lying in opposite directions.
Starting at the corner, back stitch to 1 1/4 inches from the end and sew to within an inch and a quarter of the other end of that seam.
Pivot and sew across the point to the other side. Pivot and sew the other side to within 1 1/4” of the end and back stitch. You must leave enough room to be able to turn the mask right side out through the opening. Turn right sides out.
Straighten the seams in the corners and along the edges with a knitting needle or chopstick so everything lies flat.
Tuck the open corner inside.
Now is a good time to press everything.
If you would like to add a nose wire to help the mask stay tight over your nose, a 6 inch piece of chenille craft wire will work. Double it with the ends meeting in the middle.

Insert it between the layers in the center along one edge.
Stitch around the wire, being careful not to hit it with the needle.
The wire can be form fit over the bridge of your nose.
Prepare ties by cutting a couple strips of non-reversible old T-shirt. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, cut it between 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches wide across the width of the shirt.

Stretch it until it curls. You will need two pieces. The length depends on if you want ties or loops to go around your ears. I prefer the loops with bead adjusters.

Fold the ends over the ties and stitch, trying not to catch the ties.
Angle cut the ends of the ties, place them together and roll the ends tightly. Pull the ends through a bead or two.
The two beads on the right will work, but the pony bead on the left has too small of a hole. If you use the center bead, you may want to use two of them together. They can be found in the craft section of fabric stores.

The ties can be adjusted with the beads around the ears. I tie an overhand knot on each end so the tie won’t accidentally pull out of the bead.

If you cut long enough ties, the mask can be tied on if that is preferable.

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