Monday, May 8, 2017

World Ovarian Cancer Day

I couldn't finish the day without mentioning World Ovarian Cancer Day.  I have written about it before and will continue bringing attention to this cancer that is often missed until it is too late.

This is just one link describing what to look for and it encourages women to become their own advocate.
Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

If you don't care to go to links, here is a brief rundown of the symptoms.
1. Abdominal or pelvic pain
2. Indigestion
3. Loss of appetite
4. Bloating
5. Urinary frequency
6. Feeling full quickly
7. Constipation, diarrhea or alternating between both
8. Lower back pain
9. Sudden unexplained weight loss
10. Vaginal bleeding
If you experience any of these symptoms over a 2-4 week period of time, make a visit to your doctor and express your concern. There are no screening tests for this cancer, but there are tests that can be run if you have symptoms. Be persistent.

An Update on My Disease
I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July, 2013.  I underwent extensive surgery and six cycles of intense chemotherapy.  After completing the initial chemo, I was put into a clinical trial with chemo treatments every four weeks for a year. I followed up with my doctor every three months, per the trial protocol.

At the end of two years, about the time I was supposed to start six month check-ups, I started experiencing the symptoms again. My CA125 test had been rising, so my doctor kept my next scheduled exam at three months.

About a week or two before my doctor appointment, I started bleeding rectally. I was told to go to my regular doctor to be checked. I called my local surgeon and he got me into his office a half hour later. A colonoscopy was scheduled for the following Monday. A tumor was found and the biopsy found it tested for ovarian cancer. I met with my gynecologic oncologist and he scheduled surgery for the following Monday.
I had a bowel resection and exploratory on April 3rd, five weeks ago. Here I am, ready to head to surgery. Boy was I puffed up from two colon preps in a week!
On a positive note, I had a great roommate for the week I was in the hospital.
Our daughter Carolyn came over from Green Bay to visit and brought her sister Becky (no photo) from Petoskey.
My aunt and uncle and family sent a beautiful plant.

Three and a half weeks later, I started chemo treatments again. I will be having a treatment every three weeks with two chemo drugs. My next infusion, another non-chemo drug will be added that is supposed to shrink blood vessels, and hopefully starve any new tumors that may develop. Other than days four and five after chemo, which I pretty much slept through, I have been doing well, as long as I don't overdo.

Weaving Again
I finally picked a small weaving project to start on yesterday. I finished the design this morning, and got the warp wound this afternoon and had it wound on the back beam by this evening.
This only shows half of it spread in the raddle. Hopefully I can start threading it tomorrow after I get back from the infusion center in the morning. I just need lab work drawn. Hopefully it will be in the okay range.


  1. I'm just one of your many, many blog fans, but I wanted to send you love and strength in this battle. It is so good of you to get the message out and help others who need this information and inspiration. Bless you, Liz

  2. I hope the treatment works for you, I was lucky with my symptoms, the same as yours but endomtriosis in the end, not cancer. The trouble is many of these symptoms can be passed off as "normal" for many women, even though they shouldn't be the norm for anyone. Best of luck and I hope you keep having the energy to do what you love while you're recovering.

  3. I am also one of your many blog fans and a long time weaver. I am sending you many heart felt best wishes for a complete recovery and many more years of weaving. Best wishes dear lady

  4. Thank you Liz, Rachelle, and Thistle Rose for your good wishes. I have been able to continue with weaving and teaching on my "good" days. Actually, all of them the good Lord blesses me with are good, even the ones I spend in bed with absolutely no energy. I try to do a bit almost every day and if I'm not weaving, I'm planning another warp.

  5. Sending you love and wishing you well. I just celebrated my two-year Re-Birthday from my stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma - another of those cancers that can hide until it's been there a while. Weaving is my therapy now while on maintenance meds.