Sunday, August 26, 2012

Davey Weaves on the Weaver's Delight

My 10 year old grandson Davey was over to our house today with his mom and little brother.  He got a chance to try out the Weaver's Delight loom.  I let him weave the final hem on the second rug.  He got the hang of it quickly.

This is my first attempt at adding a video.  I took it with my daughter's phone, and just previewed it.  It is a bit blurry, especially if it is expanded, but I thought it was cute, so it's staying.  I am going to let Davey tell in his own words what he thinks of the loom.

He also told his mom that they needed to get a loom like it at their house!


  1. I love your video. It's exciting to see a young person think that weaving is fun!!