Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sample Loom

The best of intentions often don't happen when we plan.  I was hoping to do a lot of weaving yessterday, but with cleaning, laundry, and working on the bathroom remodeling, I didn't get out to the studio until last night.

I hate weaving on table looms, or at least the ones that have not been converted to treadles!  I put smaller projects on them, or something that has to be portable, but they are so slow to work with.  I didn't mind it so much when I was a slower weaver, but now that I can weave faster, it really bothers me.  Eventually, I will come up with a treadle adaption plan and have Bob help me cut the wood.  Even direct tie-up would be better, but I'm sure if we do convert it, we will make 6 treadles.

Here is the scarf as of last night.  It's 9" in the reed.

The color isn't very good in the photo.  It's actually a soft light yellow


  1. I'm with you on the table loom lack of love! For me, it's the inability to get into a reasonable rhythm. Maybe there are 3 things to do with my hands instead of just 2? I don't know, but I vastly prefer floor looms!!

    Your scarf looks good though!!


  2. Is that a skipped dent pattern? I was just reading about that in Alderman's book. So many patterns, so little time! Your towel looks lacy - I like it!

  3. I agree, Sue--I just can't get a rhythm.

    Sharon, it doesn't skip dents. I think it is just the nature of this huck weave. I'm hoping once the scarf is completed and wet finished, that it is still lacy looking. Check it out in Handwoven M/J '09, pg 62. The treadling is rotating through two tighter weaves (A & B) and then a looser weave (C,D,C or D,C,D) and must be pulling the warp threads apart. I like the look, except on the left side where I added an extra thread to keep my warp number even. I think I should have dropped that thread, because I'm getting the gap there, also.

  4. Pour le moment, je débute avec un métier de table à 1 seul
    cadre mais, lorsque je saurai tisser correctement, je j'achèterai un métier à plusieurs cadres et avec des pédales ... j'ai envie de tisser plein de choses, avec des beaux motifs. Je suis très attirée par ces métiers à pédales, mais j'attends de savoir bien tisser.
    En plus de permettre de tisser des merveilles, je trouve que ces métiers ont aussi un super look avec des pédales. J'aime beaucoup quand il y a un magnifique métier à tisser dans une maison... je suis nostalgique du temps où toutes les femmes savaient tisser, coudre, broder ...
    Bonne journée.