Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Sets of Towels Done

The towel set that I wrote about weaving several days ago is now wet finished, pressed and hemmed.  I got three towels and a dishrag out of the warp.

This is the second set of towels, just completed a couple of hours ago.  It is a thick and thin cotton yarn that I dyed about a year ago.  The dark towel was woven with an 8/2 burgundy cotton, and the bottom towel was woven with left-over 6/2 hand dyed cotton.


  1. Your towels are so very lovely.
    I lóve handwoven towels and these just make me smile.

  2. Both sets are beautiful! The top set colors are very rich and the bottom set very cheery. I'll get back to towel weaving many plans/fibers to experiment little time. ;)