Sunday, December 11, 2011

Towels Continued

I continued weaving on the towel warp and finished the second towel (twill) that I started yesterday, and am almost done with the third one.  Here is a close-up.
I wove each towel with one of the three colors that I used in the stripes, and each is a different treadling.  I get bored easily, so I rarely do more than one of something on a warp.  I will probably make an exception with this warp.  I will probably have enough warp left after the third towel to make a dish cloth.  I really liked the plain weave woven with the red, so I will finish up with that again.
This is my pattern for the third towel.  The first towel was tabby on treadles 1 and 2.  The second was a twill woven on 6-5-4-3 and then repeated.  For the twill towels, I used treadle 6 and 4 for the hems, rather than tabby, because it doesn't spread out as much.  Tabby makes the towels flare out at the ends, and then the hems have to be eased in to be the same width as the body of the towel.

I didn't really use the treadles indicated on the pattern.  5 & 6 stayed the same, but I moved the tabby 1 & 2 to the middle on treadles 3 & 4, and treadles 3 & 4 on the pattern were put on treadles 1 & 2.  It's better for my back, having everything balanced.  The only time I like the tabby grouped together at one side is if I'm weaving a two shuttle weave, such as overshot.

Hopefully, these will be off the loom tomorrow evening if I get them finished after work.  Then on to winding my next warp. 


  1. They are lovely, don't you just love weaving towels?

  2. Another beautifully woven warp!
    I'm having a bit of trouble with my current scarf warp, which is one I've not worked with before. It is a kid mohair and silk blend and is fuzzy, which has caused some problems. It was very easy to measure out and separate on the warp rod, but when I began to wind it onto the warp beam, the troubles began. Fuzz caught fuss at my cross, and it was coaxing it along, picking at the fuzz the entire time. Thankfully, threading also went well. Using it as weft is fine, too, but I now have the warp going through my cross in reverse, so it is slow going once again. What sort of damage would I do if I took out my lease sticks and went from there? Would it effect my shed adversely?

  3. What weaving software are you using?

  4. Marion, yes, towels are one of my favorites. So easy to design as you go.
    Mike, the more I think about it, I think you need to get rid of the lease sticks for the mohair. I usually leave mine in, but in this case, I would pull them out.
    Sharon, I use Fiberworks Bronze weaving software. They have been great with talking me through things I didn't understand.