Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Boy Bears Play Dress-up

The little boy bears got out the dress-up box today and were really having a lot of fun.  T7 is so much like Auntie Rach and Auntie Care-Care, because he likes to play Pirates of Penzance.
"Arrrrghhhh!  I am a pirate king!".
T10 likes to play Viking.  He made his own sword and shield.
T5 likes to play ball, and looks so cute in his uniform.  He needs a Detroit Tigers cap to go along with it.  Unfortunately, T10 and T7 don't like playing ball.  They would rather do sword fighting.  I think T5 is going to have to ask one of the other bears to play catch and practice hitting.
T7 and T10 started getting kind of rough with their fighting.  I warned them that someone was going to get hurt (just like a mom).  Of course they didn't listen, and T10 got hurt.
Off came the costume and I took him to get an x-ray to see if anything was broken.
All of his joints look ok.  I hope they listen, next time I tell them to settle down!

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  1. LOL....How I missed this when you wrote it is beyond my comprehension (your blog is on my "Top Site" page and is supposed to let me know when something new has been written)....good thing you also posted it on Facebook. ;)
    Very cute!