Saturday, October 29, 2011

T2, T3, and T4 Have Arrived!

A lot has been accomplished since my last post.  I did the sewing in two stages--everything I could do before pressing seams open, and then additional sewing after pressing.  Here are the stacks for eight bears.
Here is everything pinned after the first pressing.  I tried to work on a new step every day after coming home from work, and on my days off.
All the parts are turned after the second sewing.  My 25 year old pattern book is propped up on the box.  I have seen it on ebay, so I know it is still available, and maybe on Amazon, too.  I put eyes and noses in two bears.
A couple bears joints are installed, and are waiting to get packed up to go see Great Grandma and Grandpa.  I was able to get all the joints installed while we drove downstate.
I had this much done by Thursday bedtime.  Three of them are starting to take shape, and the rest are all jointed and waiting for stuffing.  
All of them were stuffed by Friday.  Now I am working on the tedious hand work:  stitching the openings closed and adding the eyes and nose to the head before stuffing it, sewing the head on, adding mouth and toe details, and finally tacking on the ears.
From left to right I am holding T2, T4, and T3, the three that were finished before the trip home.  They were pretty good bears on the long ride, and only started whining "Are we were there yet?" for the last half hour.  By then, though, there were two more, so I was glad to get home and put them to bed!  Tomorrow, if it is nice outside, I may treat them to something special.  T5 was still sore from getting poked with a needle, and T6 still needs ears tacked on, so I won't get their photo until tomorrow.


  1. Truly BEAUTIFUL work! This has been such a great series of posts.....and what is nice.....there are more to come!
    Thank you Jenny!

  2. Oh, you have been busy, good for you! Makes me want to get crackin'!