Thursday, October 6, 2011

T1 is Finished

After sewing different ears that were smaller, and embroidering nose, mouth, and claws, I finally finished T1 (Teddy #1) a few minutes ago.  We then held a photo shoot with her 25 year old Uncle Bear.  Don't they look cute together?
    Uncle Bear was one of the bears I made 25 years ago for one of our children.  I found him a while back in the garage, and brought him in a few days ago.  Typical of how my boys were, he had dirty ears and face and was in great need of a bath.
     I put him in the bathtub, and under great protest, I smeared him up with soap and gave him a thorough washing.  He cried because I got soap in his eyes, and he didn't like water in his ears!
    And then, the worst indignity of all was the really fast spinning ride in the washer.  I guess he takes after me, and just does NOT like those scary rides!


  1. He's absolutely perfect! I see his little personality already - enjoyed your story!

  2. They're both cute. I'm surprised at how well he 25-year-old bear has held up.

  3. Was visiting in MI for the last week and without internet, so didn't get to write when you posted your blog entries.......the bears look fantastic! You're an inspiration for fellow weavers! :)

  4. Well, I finally figured out how to make my response show up--I had to switch to google chrome. Anyway, I wasn't ignoring everyone's comments. Thanks so much. I'm working on the next nine bears as time permits today (10-22-11). I'm hoping to get as far as the machine sewing done and hopefully the joints installed. They have been fun, and I'm looking forward to the additions to the bear family!