Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finishing a Long Rug Warp

The warmer weather the last couple days (out of the single digits and low 20's) has gotten me back out to the studio.  Yesterday, I started cutting some more calico strips from a huge box of scraps that my aunt gave me.

These are cut 1 inch wide.  I  just use my rotary cutter, ruler, and mat.

The rug is on my Leclerc Fanny.  I put quite a bit of green warp on a while ago, and the color is getting boring.  I think I like stripes in the warp better than all one color.

For this set of rags, I am putting two one inch strips, wrong sides together, and stitching down the center to keep the right sides showing.  I just kept adding new strips until I had enough to fill a shuttle.  The first shuttles worth is already woven, and shuttle two and three are ready to go.  I will get back at it again tomorrow after I get home from work.

I should take the first Atwater-Bronson towel out to the studio, also, and get the hems sewn in. 

 Right now, I'm just too tired.  Bed is calling--


  1. Looks good and what a great use for some of those holiday fabrics when it's not the holiday!

    It has been nice to have this break in the weather! Funny how the high 20's starts to feel balmy after a long winter.

  2. Aha! Two rag strips sewn down the center, wrong sides together! Just the answer to my ever so slightly thinner strips in my latest rag weft project. Thank you Jenny!

  3. I cant wait to see the finish product. Although carpet production is now mostly mechanized, traditional hand woven carpets usually have higher prices than their machine woven counterparts due to them being an artistic presentation.