Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day

I'm finally getting a picture on here from Mother's Day.  Two of the linen towels in the previous post were given to my mom.  I gave her the small finger-tip towel and let her pick another one.  She chose the lattice weave. 
Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

We finally took our computer to be fixed.  Now Bob and I are going through our old, old hard drive and transfering files to our new external hard drive.  It's pretty slow going, especially since I don't like to spend hours on the computer. 

Right now, I need to get going out to the garage and start weeding out junk.  We are definitely due for a garage or yard sale!  First off, I'm going to see how many empty boxes I can get out of the upstairs.  That should give me a bit more room to work.  Wish me luck--I tend to get side-tracked and distracted!  Hope it warms up a bit.  It is a gorgeous sunny day, but only 48 degrees out.  Running up and down stairs should make me warm though.

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  1. I can relate to the computer maintenance. I need to do that with pictures. They keep piling up and I only last about ten minutes, cleaning, sorting and putting into folders before I'm done - 30 minutes tops!