Monday, May 31, 2010

Colors of May At the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, Charlevoix, Michigan

I think that April slipped by me without posting photos of the colors for that month, but I've been out several times getting photos of the colors of May in Charlevoix.
To check out other colors of May from around the country, visit Sue's blog: Colors of May
She puts out a request for colors from each month to give everyone inspiration with their fiber arts. 
Early in May, the three colors of lilacs were beautiful and the smell was wonderful.

Our granddaugher Emily (age 11) snapped this photo of bleeding hearts and lily of the valley. 

Emily also took these two butterfly pictures.

Forget-me-not flowers are a beautiful blue color.
The columbines are beautiful this year.  I wish they lasted a bit longer.

Yellow Lady's Slipper (a protected wildflower)
This mushroom cap is about 4" across.

The two photos above are of the pitcher plant, and are a protected wildflower.  If you ever see one, please don't pick it.  It also applies to trillium and lady's slippers. I have many more photos, but my computer is moving at a snail's pace tonight, so I'm settling on these.


  1. Beautiful flowers and wildflowers!! I've heard of pitcher plant, but never seen it.

    Your granddaughter is quite the photographer....already getting good butterfly pictures, and I love her bleeding heart picture as well!

    I somehow never had my camera with me when we saw the pink ladies slippers blooming in the woods. I've never seen a yellow one in the wild. Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your colors!


  2. Wow!! Those are wonderful. You didn't say how old your granddaughter is, but she has a wonderful eye to catch those butterflies. Our columbine haven't even gotten close to flowering. I have plaster toad stools - that's as close as I'm going to get!

  3. Stunning colors and such well done photos. A real feast for the eyes.

  4. Thank you Sue, Sharon and Theresa. It doesn't hurt to live in a very beautiful part of the country.

    I'm pretty proud of 11 year old granddaughter Emily. She has a very artistic eye. I showed her how to work the close-up on my camera and turned her loose. She had no supervising at all. I did tell her that it was ok to get right down on her belly, so I know she tried that. She will be staying with us again next weekend, so we'll see what else she can produce.

  5. Jenny, the colors of May photos are beautiful especially the butterfly ones your granddaughter took! Thank you for posting, I will now go over to Sue's and catch up on all her photos.