Thursday, March 25, 2010

More March Color

Major chill hit Charlevoix last night.  The wind off Lake Michigan has made it quite bitter today.  Since it was partly cloudy today, Carolyn and I thought it would be a good day for some sunset shots with the waves on Lake Michigan.  I got some good shots, but my fingers found it hard to push camera buttons, because it was so cold.

The waves are really blowing in off Little Traverse Bay.  Harbor Springs is barely visible to the north, across the bay.
The water doesn't look as rough here.  The photo was taken from the same spot as the picture above, but facing west.  This spot was a bit more protected from the wind.
Lake Michigan from the beach at the foot of Dixon St. in Charlevoix.  There is still a lot of ice build-up on the breakwall to the Pine River Channel.  The lighthouse and St. Mary's Cement plant are in the background. 
The sky is beautiful behind St. Mary's.  There have been some awesome sunsets lately.
The lighthouse from the other side of the channel at the Lake Michigan beach.  The waves are starting to die down a bit. 

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  1. Great shots, I can feel that wind whipping through my PJ's! It's beautiful though and the colors in the first picture, those blues, greys and rusts are some of my favorites

  2. Glad to see your colors!

    I love the lighthouse picture at the end. Gorgeous!

    It must have been windy to make waves like that on a lake....although I know the Great Lakes are really big, so they are rougher than lakes where I live.

    Glad you braved the cold wind for these photos!


  3. Thanks, Sue. I think the lighthouse is my favorite, too. Yes, it was terribly cold and windy. The wind chill was probably in the single digits. We could only stay out there for a few minutes at a time. That's why we went to several places; so we could get warm in the car! People that have never seen the Great Lakes are usually quite surprised that they can't see the other shore. My sister's husband used to call it the Michigan Ocean! The waves are definitely different compared to some of our large inland lakes.

  4. Your caught spectacular colors but, oh my goodness, it does look cold. Cold enough to make me stop complaining. But the colors - wow!