Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photo Albums Started

It has been too cold to get the garage warm enough for weaving yesterday or today, since the temperature has been below 10 degrees up here in Charlevoix.  Instead of weaving, I have been working on adding my weaving pictures onto my Facebook.  I started with my photos of Weaver's Boot Camp, a 9 month class that I took back in 2005.  I worry about our computer crashing again, so I'm gradually making some albums of my work.  Until I figure out how to put picture albums on this blog, I will just have to put a public link to them here.  

The latest album that I finished has my instructions for mitering corners on a Swedish Lace table napkin.  Try this link to view:

I haven't tested the link.  If that one works, I hope someone lets me know.  I will add the others later.  I made albums of twill variations, color gamp, shadow weave, overshot, summer and winter, doubleweave, linen and lace, and weaving with fine threads.


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  1. Your link to facebook photo album with instructions for mitering corners on a Swedish Lace table napkin works for me when I copy and paste the address into my browser's address bar.

    Great weaving blog! Appreciate the way you are sharing your experience and knowledge.