Thursday, January 14, 2010

Helping a Friend Warp Her Loom

I warmed up the studio after coming home from work.  After dinner, my friend Gail came over so I could help her get a project on her rigid heddle loom.
 She learned how to warp the loom with the peg method.  Since I didn't have a peg or a C-clamp, we improvised with the clamp end of my swift.  It's clamped upside down to the loom behind Gail, and worked just fine.

 Some of the ladies from church have been knitting or crocheting prayer shawls to give to people that aren't well, or are going through a difficult time.  As they are making them, they are praying for the recipient.
Gail decided she would like to weave one this time.  She is warping with navy and dark red 8/2 cotton, with divisions of a pink and white bumpy nylon.  She will weave it with a synthetic boucle in a varigated blue and a solid pink.  I'm letting her use some left over yarn from a double weave blanket that I made.

After Gail went home, I wound a 3 1/2 yard warp of some 20/2 yellow wool that I purchased at an estate sale.  I'm just testing the yarn, but figured I would wind enough to make a scarf, plus a bit more to play around with.  I like to finish my samples, but usually keep a bit unwashed, like Laura Fry taught in a finishing class I took from her.  Most weaves don't feel very nice until they are washed, so it's nice to have a  before and after sample. 

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