Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fast Pictorial Guide to the Weaver's Knot

Make a slip knot (start of a chain) with a short tail.

Insert the new thread (green) through the loop.

Pull both ends of the slipknot.

You are successful if you feel a slight snap. To test, pull on the green thread.  If it pulls apart, try again.

If done right, this knot will not pull apart like a square knot will, and the added bonus is that it is smaller.

Continue with the rest of the threads.
Other instructions seemed complicated to me, and I couldn't remember it the next time I needed to tie a weaver's knot.  I needed something I could remember without having to get out a book.  What could be easier than remembering to start with a slip knot?

Happy weaving!


  1. I'm bookmarking this item. Thanks Jenny!

  2. Jenny, thanks for this. It's so much clearer than any instructions I have seen!

  3. Holy Salmon! A slipknot! I can do that, which means I can do a weavers knot. That means I can weave! YAY!

  4. Oh, is that all there is too it? Takes me ages to tie a weaver's knot with an instruction book at my side, I did wonder why it was such a popularly used knot and yet so hard to tie! Thanks for letting the secret out.

  5. what a terrific tip! thanks for the great pictures of the process, too.

  6. Jenny, thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. What a great knot and an excellent tutorial. I will definitely add it to my link list.

  7. Oh thank goodness! Now I'll finally remember how to do this.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this. This will make my next step so much easier!

  9. Oh thank you for this. I watched two videos and I was lost. This was so simple.

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  11. Finally a weavers knot that I can remember how to do. So easy!!

    Thank you.

  12. It is awesome blog.. It is source of busy our free time... these ideas are the best...

    1. Thanks so very much for these photos and words!! The color coding is just great, not having to wonder which strand is the OLD and which NEW. Color coding would also help with threading heddles. Mary

  13. PURE AWESOME. Thanks so much!