Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rosepath Rag Rugs

I realized a few days ago that I need to do some catch-up with blog posts.  I originally started this blog to keep a record of my weaving projects.  I was finding I didn't even remember a lot of them until I ran across photos as reminders.
Tina Ignell's book, Favourite Rag Rugs, has some beautiful Scandinavian rug projects.  One that especially caught my eye was the Rosepath pattern.

I started my first one using a variety of cotton and rayon fabrics from my stash.
The light blue background fabric to the rosepaths is a sheet that I dyed using the snow dye technique.  I also used the same technique for the wider light green bands.  The pink is rayon, and after using it, I would say it wasn't the best choice, since it tends to fray easily.  The turquoise and black were a gauzy cotton.
After finishing, it went to my granddaughter Peyton for her birthday.
I was quite excited about this one.  The dark mottled stripes are from a cotton printed velveteen, the tan stripes are wide wale corduroy, sewn together with the nap in opposite directions to give a varigated look to a plain color fabric. The narrow red dotted stripes were from a striped fabric.  The rosepaths were six different colors of linen fabric with a background of a light cotton.  I was very pleased with how rich it looked when completed.  I decided to keep it, and my cats really like it too.  It is great for rolling on to get tummy rubs.
Click on the photo for an enlarged view.
This is the start of a polyester doubleknit rug being made as a gift for a friend's kitchen.  The warp will probably wear out before the weft, since that type of fabric wears like iron.
Completed using black, grey, red and white.

I have one more rug on the warp to complete, but it is at a standstill, hoping I can come up with the "right" colors for another granddaughter for a bedroom rug.


  1. Ahhhh, those are beautiful Jenny. So much more to rag rugs than plain weave! So many possibilities with 'rosengang' ! I'm currently doing some Krokbragd (mug rugs) Lots of possibilities there too.....if one can keep track of what one does....unlike me. But it's fun and I'm learning.

    Tom Z. in IL

  2. Really nice to see such a creative use of 'rags' in rug making! Very inspirational. Thanks for posting.

  3. Very beautiful, what is the threading you are using? Looks different from my rosepath.

  4. Hi Jenny.
    My name is Marilyn. You responded to a question I posted on the Rug Weavers FB page about the Favorite Rag Rugs book. I appreciate you sharing pictures of the rugs you made from the book.
    Now I have another question I hope you can help me with. I'm fairly new to weaving and am having a heck of a time converting the instructions from metric to US standard. Could you possibly share what size reed, the sett, and number of ends you used? It would be a huge help to me.
    Thank you.