Monday, November 5, 2012

Choosing Warp Colors for the Taquette Pattern

I was asked about the colors I used in my Autumn Leaves towel warp.  These are the pairs of 8/2 cotton colors I used.  (top to bottom)
Lipstick and lt. orange
Plum green and rust
Wine and maize
Antique gold and dk. red (which is actually orange)
This is how they look on the cones.  The colors are pretty accurate, at least on my computer.

For anyone else that wants to try the pattern (on a previous post), make your warp uniquely your own.  I would suggest using what you have in your stash, unless you have an urge to add to it.

The fun is in the design.  For my warp, I obviously used the gorgeous autumn leaves as my inspiration.  Look around for other color combinations that look amazing.  The colors in the desert are going to be different from what I see around the Great Lakes.  City colors will be different from out in the country.  How about the colors on your dishes, or your walls and counter tops?  Or maybe colors from a favorite painting.  Have fun with choosing!

At least four colors are needed, two for each block, and two for each stripe.  Use multiples of two, and each additional pair of colors will make another stripe.  I have eight colors and four stripes that get repeated across the warp.  I played around with the colors in a weaving program until I got the look I wanted, and after doing that, I still changed out one of my colors, and the threading order was changed.  Most of my pairs are reds contrasting with yellows.

I wanted to weave a towel with each color, so I put on a long warp.  I wish I hadn't, because it is on a table loom, and it is too much for the loom.  I'm having issues with the fell line curving because of warp tension issues.  The next warp will be on one of my floor looms.

This is the second towel, woven with the plum green.  The towel is actually greener than in the photo.


  1. Your colours are lovely, don't you just love this pattern?
    I've finished mine today and I want to put on a new warp :-)

  2. Thanks Marion! Yes, I do love the pattern, but I'm not loving it on my table loom. I may just finish the one I am on right now, and then transfer the rest of the warp to my empty countermarche floor loom. I just adjusted it, so it should be ready to go, once I thread it.

  3. Lovely colours and finished tea towels. The plum is surprising! Always nice to have an unexpected colour that works.