Monday, September 10, 2012

Roll Out the Rugs!

Here is the roll of rugs fresh off the Weaver's Delight, and stretching down the upstairs hallway.  I'm taking the photo from one bedroom, and Bob is in the one at the end of the hall.  I haven't taken a measurement of them yet.  They turned out better than I expected, and the selvedges are great.

The roll from the other end.
Close-up of the first rug.
Close-up of the second rug.
The short rug for our bathroom by the shower.
The last rug.  Strips of four neutral colors, one with flowers and leaves that give the random splashes of color.
Sample using some of the left over weft, and the blue is blue jean strips.  About 3/4" wide is just about right for the strips.  The last little bit is just using some of my hem yarns.  Just a sample, or maybe I will use it on the table for setting hot dishes on it.

The excitement of getting them off the loom has worn me out!  Bed, here I come.


  1. AMAZING-JOB ! ! ! ! ! ! Never thought W/D could get them ' GOOD-LOOK'N-EDGES " ! ! ! ! ! ! But 'think'n-on-it', fhe 'machine', when SET-RIGHT, can do better than ' SHAKY-OLE-LOU ' ! ! ! ! ! SO HAPPY FOR Y'ALL ! ! ! ! ! !