Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weaver's Delight Restoration - It's Looking Like a Loom!

I went to the hardware store after work today to pick up some bolts and wingnuts to attach the top of the beater.  When I got home, I found out I bought the wrong size.  I found something in the basement that will work till I get the correct hardware.

I was able to attach the other "flapper thingy" on the fly shuttle temporarily, until I get an oblong washer that needs replacing and the correct bolt that my dad is going to make for it.

The apron was another fairly simple job to tack on, once I installed the cloth beam. 

After adjusting the brackets that hold the shafts, all four of them slid in easily.
Here is the loom from the rear, showing the sectional beam that I put on tonight.  It sure is heavy!  It still needs some cross braces made, to keep the wooden bars from giving when the warp is wound on.  I will have to get measurements for that tomorrow, so Bob can get them made.

I still haven't attached the picker sticks, since I am still waiting for the new pickers and leather straps.  Hopefully, they will arrive soon.
In the meantime, I still have more to work on.  The thread rack spindles are very rusty, so I took them all off tonight.  I think I will try the navel jelly on them tomorrow, instead of vinegar.

It was getting dark out and the mosquitoes were getting annoying, so I will get the rest of the red frame cleaned up and painted tomorrow.  My favorite color!

I've started looking at some rug books for inspiration.  I will have to be deciding what my first project will be very soon.


  1. Jenny,

    I was delighted to run across your blog. I have a Weaver's Delight loom, currently sitting in storage in Indiana, but we plan on getting it home hopefully next month.

    Your restoration project has inspired me to restore mine when I get it home. I cleaned it some when I first got it but did not have the courage to try a total restoration - I will now do it!


  2. Molly, my advise is to take way more photos than you think are necessary, with close-ups of every join. You will be glad you did. Good luck!

  3. Well, I've already taken it apart and put it together 3 times now, (we move a lot), so I'm not worried about the putting together issues. I never had the time, place or fortitude to restore each piece as you have, but seeing it done through your photos is so encouraging and now that I have the time and place and your blog to provide the necessary encouragement I will make it happen.