Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good-bye Sisty

My sister Janet died last week, unexpectedly, and I am missing her.  This is a picture of her about 3 years ago with our daughters Carolyn, Rachel, and Becky.  Her memorial service was Tuesday, and it was very touching how all of her children pulled together to do the service.  I've never used so many tissues at a funeral, and I wasn't the only one.  I think she would have laughed about how we were passing the Kleenex box around.  It would have reminded her of a sad movie we went to years ago when we did that.  She had such a great sense of humor, and I think I will miss that the most.  Whenever we talked on the phone, we always ended up laughing about something that happened when we were younger.
Sisty was quite creative, and always made thoughtful gifts for her family.  Her sister-in-law brought Annie Bear to the memorial.  It was something she had received from Janet years ago, along with a couple dolls she made.  I especially like the photo of Sisty, behind the bear. We certainly shared a love of Teddy bears!
It's been so long since I saw her children, and I don't know if I ever saw then all together, so it was nice to get a few photos.  Here they all are with Poppop Windy (our dad).

We called each other Sisty, which is short for Sisty Ugler.  We started that after hearing a funny story, where someone twisted the words to Cinderella around. The sisty uglers were the ugly stepsisters of Rellacinder. 

I guess I could keep telling stories, but work will come early tomorrow.  I need to get to bed.  I miss you Sisty!  Rest in peace.


  1. Oh, I remember "Rindercella" from Hee Haw! Do you remember when she "slopped her dripper"? I didn't know that's where your nicknames came from. When my brother an were little he called me "Thither" I often would sign that on a note I'd write to him in later yrs. The memorial service was beautiful and emotionally draining. I brought a "wad" of Kleenex in my little purse. Do you know that purple rose from Janet's gorgeous arrangement I asked for? It is sitting here by me and still! looks exactly as it did a week ago! It doesn't smell as wonderful but it is amazing! So is Annie Bear sitting by me come to think of it. I hope if we're ever up north (we go to Benzie Co area, being born in Frankfort and relatives in Beulah and Honor) I would love to check out your weaving studio! That "inside-out" way with words my dad did all the time and I guess it is actually called "spoonerisms" ... Once my mom said, "Pass me a speen of boons" for spoon of beans and we laughed forever and teased her about it forever! She didn't do it on purpose. I still miss my don't expect it'll go away any time soon, Jenny Girl xoxo

  2. My beautiful lavender rose was still looking beautiful until today. I think it must have been really windy while I was at work. When I came home, I found the vase upright sitting in pool of water. It must have blown over. Of course, whoever sat it back up didn't bother to put more water in the vase! Oh well, I enjoyed it for more than a week.