Monday, May 28, 2012

Day Two Weaver's Delight Restoration

This is my loom number.  I found out the following information about the loom from Leslie, at Riverside Loomworks, in Eaton Rapids, MI:  it left the factory Nov. 15, 1949, on its way to Lydia Olson in Cokato, Minn. The next owner was Clifford Smorstad, in Decorah, Iowa. No date on that. And any later changes either weren’t reported back to the factory or occurred after the company went out of business (early 1980s). The loom cost $137.50 new. 
The top back beam and the warp beam were removed from the loom before I brought it home, so I could get it in the van.  The metal parts on the blanket looked like someone had started restoring the loom, but that is as far as they got.  

There was a little rust on the metal, so I removed them, brushed the rust off, primed and painted them, along with the cams and a couple braces.

Poking the bolts into an old piece of styrofoam made it easier to paint the heads. 


Starting the final color.  It isn't quite as dark as originally on the loom, but it's close.

The black trim had faded quite a bit, and was flaking off, so I cleaned the dirt off, let it dry, and started painting it.  I still have more to do on the other side of the loom.

This is big, with heavy cast iron ends that have a fair amount of rust.  All of the dowels are there, some replaced by the previous owner, so all they need is a little sanding to smooth them out a little.

Bob helped me remove the heavy cast iron.  I haven't cleaned either of these parts, but did start on the bolts.

I got out my trusty staple remover, but hardly needed them.  The staples were so rusty, they just fell apart with a little pull.  I got all of them out, checked for metal ends still sticking out, and either pulled them out, or pounded then in, so I don't scratch myself with something rusty.

The straps were dirty with years of dust, and the loop ends were quite rusty.  I washed the straps, and now have the rusty ends soaking in vinegar to try and remove rust.  I probably shouldn't have started that tonight, because I need to do some scrubbing on them, and I'm too tired.  I may chance leaving them overnight, and take care of them after work tomorrow.

That's it for today!

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  1. You've done an amazing amount of work on the loom already! Thanks for the update. :)