Friday, November 4, 2011

T8 is Finished and T9 Joins the Group

T8 was finally finished last night as I watched  Sense and Sensibility.  He feels much better with a mouth and permanently attached ears!  Shortly afterward, T9 joined the family. It was late when I got both of them finished, so I let them sleep with me, so they wouldn't wake the other babies.  They really liked the cozy flannel sheets and big fluffy pillow.

There was a lot of excitement this morning when the bears found out they had a new sister, and then, when they looked outside and saw the ground all white, they couldn't get the sled outside fast enough!  They didn't know that it wasn't snow, and only frost.  Poor babies.  They were a bit disappointed when I told them it was going to melt as soon as the sun hit it.  I told them we could have some other kind of fun later, once the ground was dry.
Front row: T1, T6, T4, T9  Back row: T2, T3, T7, T5, T8.  T8 feels so much better now, since I gave him a mouth and permanently attached his ears.  He looks a bit skinny.  I think he needs a good brushing to fluff up his mohair.

I let T8 and T9 get on the old swing in the front yard.  They thought that was fun!  Then they got to go out to the orchard and I let them climb one of the pear trees.  They climbed just like pros!  
Now, I better get going and finish the fabric for T11.  I feel bad that T10 and T11 are missing out on all the fun.  Stay tuned for them to join the family!

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