Sunday, November 20, 2011

T10 and T11 Learn to Make Mama Bear's Porridge

T10 and T11 missed out on some fun activities that the other bears did, so I told them that Grandma was going to teach them how to cook.

"Yippee," they both shouted, and started jumping up and down.  "What are we going to make, Grandma?", they wanted to know.

So I told them about our family cookbook, and the recipe for Mama Bear's Porridge.  I was glad I was only cooking with two bears, because they wanted to get their noses and paws into all the ingredients.  It's a good thing I didn't get the honey out till the end, or everything would have been a sticky mess!

I put some water in a saucepan, and T10 got to add a couple pawfulls of raisens and T11 stirred them.
The milk jug was a little bit too big for little bears, so I added some milk to the pan and T11 stirred some more.
T10 shook some cinnamon into the pan after T10 put in some scoops of oatmeal.
Hot stoves are dangerous, so Grandma had to help them stir.  It made T10's tummy too hot, so she let T10 have a turn.
T10 thought she was just being a sissy, but when he stirred, he touched the pan and realized that hot does mean HOT!!  After that, they were both content to let Grandma Jenny do the rest of the stirring while they watched.
Next to go into the pot was some vanilla for some nice flavor.
And now for the secret ingredient, that makes it taste so creamy--a couple eggs that are beaten in to the hot cereal. 
Grandma got out the honey bear and squeezed some into their bowls.  Of course, they wanted LOTS of honey, because bears are like that, you know.
That porridge was a big hit.  They both cleaned their bowls, and would have licked them if I had let them.
Here is the recipe out of our family cookbook.  I used to make it for all of our children, and they cleaned their bowls too, and would have licked them too, if I let them get away with it!

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