Saturday, November 19, 2011

T10 and T11 Join the Griswold Bear Family

Poor T10 and T11 had to sit around for several days looking like this because I was too busy with work and meetings to be able to finish them.  In the meantime, T10 got pretty good at lip reading!  He is holding his ears, eagerly awaiting their attachment.  T11 is for our newest granddaughter Elisabeth, so I am going to stitch a nose on her.  The eyes are pretty secure, but the nose, not so much.  I don't need to worry about the other grandchildren, since they are age 6 and up.

After T10 and T11 were finished, their Aunt Patty Bear and Uncle Bear, who were visiting with Edwin, taught them the fun game of Kings in the Corner.  They played long enough for each of them to win at least one game.  And there was no whining about anyone cheating.

I think they will have to have some more adventures later.

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  1. Beautiful work! Not many families can come close to having something as wonderful as these "Family Heirlooms".