Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dyeing Yarn Again

I'm back to dyeing more yarn for Teddy bears.  I finished winding off 5 more yards of warp last night, and dyed it tonight (Akk!  I mean last night!  I didn't realize it was so late.)  I tried a different dye this time: Cushing's Perfection Dye in a dark brown.  I tried presoaking the four warp bouts in water and vinegar after washing it.  I don't think I like the vinegar process very well, because the yarn didn't dye evenly.  I'm sure it was something I did wrong, but I'm not sure what it was.  So I have a varigated brown yarn, which can still look ok for what I am using it for.  No pictures tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.

The granddaughters picked out colors to have me dye the wool-angora weft, so I will get that done tomorrow.  Hopefully the warp will be dry enough tomorrow or Sunday to start winding it on the loom.

I'm still trying to decide which steam press I will buy, so I can fuse the interfacing to the fabric before cutting out the bears.  I'm leaning towards the Reliable, which is sold by the same company that sells Baby Lock sewing machines.

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