Friday, May 27, 2011

Great Outdoor and Indoor Day

I started my projects for the day with starting the sanding job on the loom stand parts for my Leclerc Jano table loom.  It's a little hard on my arthritic hands with all the vibration, so I am doing a little bit at a time.  I set everything up in the garage doorway, so it's great with a bit of sun.

Well, here I am with my annoying noisy cat, Susie.  She desperately needed some foot pets and tummy tickles.  It made for a nice break, while I got my hand moving again, out of the claw position from holding the sander!

Well, now that I have the camera out, I might as well record the beautiful tulips in my garden.  The tulips had babies this year!  I don't have much luck with them, because of the overabundance of deer that think I plant them for gourmet meals (for them).  They didn't bother them much this spring, so I had a good show and a big increase in the number of flowers.
There must have been over twenty tulips in this bunch.  They are so cheerful and look so picturesque against the picket fence!

Now that I am thoroughly side-tracked, I might as well go across the road and see if there are any more morel mushrooms.  Oh, gosh, look at the size of this one--it must be about seven inches tall.  There is a smaller one, only about 5" tall trying to poke it's head into the picture behind this one.

Ok, now back to work.  A few more pieces sanded.

Now to the studio.  I finished the third and last towel on the Fanny warp, so I finished weaving off the remainder of the warp.  It was enough to make a dish rag to go with the set.  Here they are posing for a photo after serging the ends.  Next up is giving them all a good hot sudsy bath.  Hopefully they will end up being absorbant.  This is my first test of this box of estate sale yarn.

Well, back to work!


  1. Hi Jenny!
    I just stumbled upon your lovely blog and something caught my eye. I just recently found an old Leclerc Jano that is without a shuttle and has quite a bit of rust on the heddles. I've been trying to get my hands on a manual, but it is pretty challenging. I'm new to weaving, so I'm not sure where to start. Have any words of wisdom you might be able to pass along?
    Happy weaving,

  2. Hello Julia,
    Thank you. I hope you get back to read this, since it is the only way for me to contact you.
    The Jano loom came before the Dorothy table loom. I think it was Leclerc's first table loom. I have one also. Warp and Weave is the book that comes with the Leclerc looms. Look on ebay, or contact the company. If anything is missing on the loom, they can probably help you out. If you would like to contact me, send me an email to jbellairs at gmail dot com. I can fill you in on some online weaving groups, and possibly help you find some weavers in whatever area of the country you are living.

  3. great! ill send you an email tomorrow. Im in California so its pretty late over here right now. Thanks for the reply!
    Very nice site by the way :]

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