Sunday, March 21, 2010

Colors of March in Charlevoix, Michigan

Colors from nature during the different seasons can provide color inspiration for weaving.  Bob, Carolyn and I took a walk with our cameras a couple days ago. The challenge came from the following blog: 
Check it out and add your colors of March.

The snowdrops are the first flowers to bloom, often coming up through the snow.  These are right by the back step.

The first crocus in my yard.

Canada geese have started to arrive.  They found a spot of open water on Susan Lake.

Ice on Susan Lake.  Still lots of greys and browns.

Moss on an old silo foundation.

Pinecones blanket the ground under the blue spruce trees.

The stump of our Christmas tree.


 Daffodils almost ready to bloom

Lichen on a rock


  1. Great pictures of the March you're having. Maybe we're sending you our geese, they've been wintering in plentiful numbers in Ashland OR.
    I'm seeing lots of ducks coming back to the area.
    Always happy to see springs first crocuses!

  2. I love snowdrops, but it's just a little bit too wet for them here, I guess, because I plant them and they only last a year or two - whereas my mom used to have big patches of them where I grew up - dryer summers-colder winters I guess. Enjoyed my "visit" T.

  3. Wow - I'm surprised that you have so many flowers so far north. I'm going to have to scour my yard more carefully in case there's a crocus somewhere. We've had unusually warm weather lately.

    I especially love your pictures of the moss on the silo foundation and the pinecones.

    Thanks for joining in!!


  4. Such pretty colors and so different than ours, yet we both have Canada geese. Interesting~

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments. Spring is such a hopeful time of year. Summer birds returning are a sure sign that warmer days are coming. Today, I was greeted by many more crocus in the yard. Unfortunately, I don't have any that are yellow. Lots of white and purple though. The buds on the lilacs next to the garage are swelling, and more and more of my perennials are sending up new growth.

    Thanks Sue, for giving this challenge. I enjoy seeing the color from different areas of the country. Keep encouraging others to join in.

  6. Beautiful March colours. Your daffodils look the same as ours still do.

  7. Very pretty March colors...