Friday, June 24, 2011

More Teddy Bear fabric

I got back to weaving bear fabric again after returning from Muskegon and Grand Rapids.  The second fabric was woven with a turquoise mohair in the same weaving pattern as the first one, John Murphy"s Bird's Eye, version VIII, pg. 14 of Marguerite Davison's pattern book.  Since the mohair is so fuzzy, the pattern will not be as distinct once it is wet finished.  This yarn came from an estate sale, and the photo is pretty close to the actual colors.  I tried it first with plain weave, but my warp was sett a little too close, and I didn't like it.  A basket weave may have worked better.
After finishing the turquoise mohair, I started the third fabric.  This one is from pg 13 of Davison's book, version XI of Traditional Bird's Eye.  I chose a plyed white wool and angora yarn for this version, also purchased at an estate sale a while ago.  I'm hoping it makes a nice soft bear once it is wet finished.

The blue fabric at the bottom is the turquoise mohair shown above and is quite a bit darker in the photo than the actual color.


  1. I can't imagine weaving with this tight a warp -- admirable! What loom is this? I weave primarily about 10 or 5 dpi as I love chunky yarns, except on my mirrix which is a finer weave as it it tapestry. And didn't know about bear fabric...I'm learning here! :))

  2. Sandra, these fabrics are being woven on my 36" Leclerc Fanny, 4 shaft floor loom. I guess I moved into working with finer yarns very quickly after learning to weave six years ago. I took a 9 month class that met once a month, called Weaver's Boot Camp. I think I got 5-6 years of experience, just from that class. Some patterns just aren't the same with heavy yarn. I have to have a goal with some of the finer yarns, because I tend to get bored with weaving very much of one thing. If it is slow weaving, I can't wait to get it done, so I can start my next project. Well, back to the last bear fabric--I've put it off long enough!