Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weaver's Delight Restoration - The Wood Is Almost Done

I took a couple photos of the remaining dirty wooden parts still left to sand and varnish.  The bunch above doesn't look like too many, but then add all the flyshuttle parts,
and now there are a whole lot.  I needed to sand off any of the old finish that still remained.  It was a perfect day to be outside all day.  I set up a couple saw horses in the shade, and sanded most of the day.
Our daughter Becky came over in the afternoon, so we had a pleasant visit, while we both got a lot accomplished.  While I worked on the loom, she wound three balls of fine linen, and then warped her inkle loom in preparation for some tablet weaving for a costume that needs trim.  I can't wait to see how it looks with the linen.
Eleven pieces after the first coat of varnish.  They will all get at least two coats, so as long as the weather holds, and it isn't too humid, I should have the rest of the varnishing done this weekend.
Eight of the smaller pieces with the first coat of varnish.
The loom is stripped down, and completely varnished.  There are a few pieces that still need another coat, but it looks so nice.

I never even got a chance to touch the hardware soaking in the vinegar.  It's going to have to wait for scrubbing till at least tomorrow evening, or maybe Saturday.

I'm tired!  Off to the shower to get this grubby person clean, and then to bed.  

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  1. All your ' HARD-LABOR 'is sure 'LOOK'N-GOOD'! ! !

    We sure could use a little of your LAKE-BREEZES down this way, our 105 degrees is keep'n us inside-downstairs 'CHAIN'N-LOOPERS' for LITTLE DAISY ! ! ! !

    Betty is mak'n steady-progress, too-slow for her, yet PRAYERS-ANSWERED-CONSTANTLY ! ! ! ! !