Sunday, March 21, 2010

Working on Linen Samples

I've been working on my linen samples for the last few days after coming home from work.  They were going ok, but I was having trouble with an even beat.
The dense area in the top pattern area was what concerned me.   This sample was a 20/1 linen, sleyed at 28 epi.  I showed it to Kati Meek, online, and she thought it looked a bit sleezy (not a tight enough weave) and suggested I sett it a little closer together.

I tried that this evening, changing the sett to 32 epi.  It definitely helped with making the plain weave tighter.  The first sample looks quite a bit better.  I think that once the wet finishing is completed, most of the reed marks will disappear.

I'm so thankful to learn about the live weight tensioning.  It has made weaving on the tiny loom much more enjoyable with not having to get up after every inch of weaving to release the brake.

Kati sent a message that her reprinted book, Warp With a Trapeze and Dance With Your Loom, is now available.  Here is a link to order a copy:

I haven't decided on my next project.  In fact, I don't even have one concrete idea in my head.  I think clearing out some excess accumulation of "stuff" may be a priority, and as soon as it gets a little warmer outside, I have flower beds in need of thinning out, weeding, and mulching.

Bed is calling.  I have to get up early for work tomorrow.


  1. Weaving linnen, wow. I always thought it too difficult. I'll have a look at kati meeks blog. I love books about my craft :)

  2. Marion, I first worked with linen when I was learning weaving on my own. Then I took a class, and heard comments from other weavers about how hard linen was to work with. I did have a few problems with that first project, but after I learned some of it's characteristics, and how to handle the yarn, I can't say that I have had much trouble since.

    When I took Kati's class, we took a little time to examine and hear about everyone's yarn. It was interesting to me to find out that a yarn can look nice, but not be very sturdy. I guess I lucked out when I purchased my 20/1 linen on e-bay several years ago. It was old, but in excellent condition. I guess I would be a lot more cautious today about where I buy.