Friday, January 1, 2010

Multicolored Warp Dishtowels

One dishtowel is complete.  It started out a little slow, because my heaters hadn't warmed the room very much.  I had to take a break to get my feet warm in the house.  That made me remember that Kristy gave me nice warm Smartwool socks for Christmas.  They are way warmer than cotton socks.  They worked like a charm, along with the wool slippers that my daughter Becky made for me a couple years ago.  After warming up, the weaving went fast (for me).

These towels are the second warp of this design.  It took Kristy and me so long to dye, measure, and warp the loom that we decided to tie a new warp onto the old.  

The inspiration came from a bag of dyed yarn I had in the cupboard and a "Kid Demo Weaving Project" that I saw on Weavolution.  I loved all of the beautiful colors combined into one project. 

This is a nice project to make a lot of different looking towels.  The weft colors are rust, tan, and natural.  I may make the next one with natural weft. 


  1. What threading are you using, I wonder? These are just lovely.

  2. I got the idea from Sally Orgren, on Weavolution. It was called Kids demo warp. Here is the link:

    I can't find the draft on my computer. I think it was one that I lost when we had our computer crash.

  3. Jenny, this is great!!! BTW, there is a link to your blog and a link to the Weavolution draft on a new FB group called, 4-Shaft Weaving (that's how I found your blog!). If you're on FaceBook, we'd love to have you and your friends join us!

  4. PattyAnne, thanks for letting me know about the 4-shaft group on FB. I signed up today. It looks like there is a lot of activity. Jenny